Zebra Crossing

With this post I’m kicking off a new series of conceptual monochrome images which will continue for probably the next six weeks while I try to hone my very mediocre skills at compositing in Photoshop. Starting with an idea, I try to select appropriate pictures that I’ve taken over the years that will fit with the idea, which means sifting through thousands of images to find ones that will work together. As opposed to coming up with an idea and doing a photoshoot to represent the idea… something I can’t really do properly while we’re all still in lockdown.

So for this first idea I knew I had several pictures of zebras and I’d also taken pictures of zebra crossings in various cities I’d visited. It would be fun to combine the images and see if I could create the effect I was looking for i.e. a cliched picture of a zebra walking across a zebra crossing. I ended up producing two images, a zebra crossing a zebra crossing in the daytime and the same zebra (different pose) walking across a zebra crossing at night…

8 thoughts on “Zebra Crossing

  1. How wildly creative! Black and white images. Is it Christmas already?
    I like it how no one pays attention to the zebra. I mean, it’s a crossing zebra on a zebra crossing. Nothing unusual.
    You even paid attention to the shadows so that they align. Good eye.
    Nicely done!
    I look forward to more.
    Stay golden!

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    1. Many thanks Goldie! The shadows were my biggest concern when creating these…

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  2. I love these —- very creative and fun!


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  3. Oh these are the best!

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