Big Cats

With the covid restrictions in the UK set to continue until at least the summer, there is no option to travel so my photography opportunities for the first half of 2021 are looking a little bleak. I think I’m probably going to be restricted to either taking shots locally or creating images on the computer from older work. Not ideal, but at least I can practice different processing techniques as well as continue my study of photo compositing.

This little series of images were taken at the Santago big cat sanctuary in the UK several years ago. I hadn’t processed any of these images before as the backgrounds were originally too busy and I hadn’t been very keen on the compositions either (e.g leaf in front of face of the leopard, panther looking lethargic). All three were marked as rejects. But pulling them back up, I thought I might possibly be able to salvage them. So I have reprocessed them now in black and white, darkening the backgrounds so as to draw more attention to the faces.

In order from top to bottom: Puma, Leopard, Black Panther…

3 thoughts on “Big Cats

  1. How do you feel about taking shots locally? Do you feel like it’s an area you’ve explored thoroughly, or do you hope to discover some gems you had previously overlooked?

    I quite liked the cover photo and didn’t think much of it until you pointed out it was “lethargic.” I see it as a sad animal, instead. The leaf does not bother me one bit. I think it’s quite artsy in a way.

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    1. I guess there is always something new that I could photograph locally, it’s just a case of coming up with inspiration. But in the cold, wet winter days and with lockdown, finding inspiration is difficult. I do want to try some long exposure which I can do locally, just need to wait for the rain to stop!

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      1. I hear ya. Whenever I don’t see the sun for a prolonged period of time, I lose all motivation, too.

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