Scaring the birds

In Terry Gilliam’s film ‘Twelve Monkeys’, Bruce Willis visits the US city of Philadelphia in 2035 and witnesses bears and lions roaming free in the streets and on the buildings. The problem is, Bruce’s character ‘Cole’ didn’t have a camera with him so he had to rely on his memory to convey what he saw.

However, when I travelled to the future to visit Venice, Italy in 2035, I did have my camera with me, my trusty Fuji XT-3 with 18-55 lens. So I was able to capture this picture of a tiger emerging from the round window of a church and scaring off the pigeons who had gathered on the ledge.

It’s worth rewatching this film again to see the parallels with the times we are currently living in…

5 thoughts on “Scaring the birds

  1. Love this! Clever AND funny!

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  2. Very entertaining. I like how calm this tiger is as if he belongs there. So comical.

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  3. What a surprising and fascinating creation. Stuart. Well done!

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