Film Noir – Woman in the Window

This one is from a film noir style project I started about two years ago which got put on the back burner. And it’s still on the back burner unfortunately…

The image is actually two images, comprising a room with a tall window and a blind, and a shop window mannequin. The window and blind on the left is actually a reflection on the wall of the room, but I darkened the room so that the reflection looks like another external window. I then used a double exposure technique in post processing to insert the mannequin ‘behind’ the window. A high contrast filter was used in Nik Silver Efex Pro to convert to black and white; there is very little grey in this image.

8 thoughts on “Film Noir – Woman in the Window

  1. The reflection/ other window is a pretty cool illusion. I’m glad to hear that this image is a combination of two separate ones. I was worried about the things you have in the back of your closet 😀

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    1. That’s a great story prompt for you – what lurks in the dark recesses of the closet? Fortunately my closet is full of cool stuff, old comics, games and cycling magazines from 15 years ago…

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      1. Good to know 🙂 But then again,, would you admit to having something more nefarious in there? 😛

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  2. This is great Stuart! You have a way with black and white that’s incredible. Maybe it’s lots of contrast I don’t know but they all look beautiful. I love this idea with the mannequin too. Very cool.

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    1. Thanks Janet! I love black and white and have spent a lot of time learning about black and white photography, so your comment is much appreciated!

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  3. Oh I like this – wonderful stuff! 🙂

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